St John is quite a unique place, since National Park covers
almost 2/3 of the island, has tremendous natural beauty,
and unlike any other Caribbean island, its mountains,
waters and beaches remain unspoiled.

With over 15 years of Caribbean experience we pride ourselves on
our excellent reputation based on personal knowledge of the island
and the locals. We first moved to St John in 1990 and we fell in
love with the island immediately.

After few years we opened a restaurant which remains one of
the most popular in town, Morgan's Mango.

After having our two children on the islands and building these two
homes putting love and care in each one, we decided to
move to mainland. We would like to share our homes
with responsible, environmentally caring guests.

When we are not in St John we reside in Key Biscayne,
Florida, but we have a crew of people on
the islands that will take care of your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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