The island of St John is the smallest and most idyllic of the three United States Virgin Islands. Two thirds of this island is National Park, so its wonderful beaches and green forest will remain unspoiled.

Only nine miles long and three miles wide, with spectacular white sand, turquoise bays and green hills, you will soon realize why St John is also called American Paradise.

When travelling to St. John, you will arrive into the sister island of St Thomas, where only a twenty minutes ferry ride will transport you into this unforgettable place. The ferries leave St Thomas every hour and will take you into the quiet town of Cruz Bay, the center of all activities. Here you can find supermarkets, pharmacies, great restaurants, bars, banks, the post office, shopping malls and a laid back lifestyle that makes this a favourite place to visit.

Getting around the island is easy and the roads to the beaches are all paved. If you are a water sports lover you will find numerous opportunities to enjoy, from charter boats or catamarans, day excursions for snorkelling, scuba diving or sport fishing. Activities on land include hikes that you can take on your own or with National Park guide, horseback riding, donkey trail rides, exploring historic ruins and many more.

On the other end of the island, you can find the town of Coral Bay, which is even quieter than Cruz Bay but the area share the beauty of the incredible beaches, wonderful nature trails, fabulous villas and great places to eat and shop.

The constant trade winds of the region keep temperatures between 70F and 90F year round; the perfect weather for enjoying the breathtaking sights and experience the most relaxing and unforgettable vacation of your life.

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